The Anti-Poison Dog Units

The Anti-Poison Dog Units

An effective tool in the battle against poison bait use are canine units that can detect poison baits and poisoned victims. These Anti-poison Dog Units (ApDUs) are effectively used across Europe and the project foresees the creation and operation of two such units in Cyprus. The units will help increase our knowledge on the real extent of poison bait use in Cyprus, enable us to check and remove poison baits from the countryside and act as a deterrent factor to those who illegally use poison baits in the countryside. 

The ApDUs will be under the Game and Fauna Service, which is the competent authority for the protection of birds in Cyprus, while patrols will be focusing only in the countryside in areas relevant to the Griffon Vulture. In addition, the project foresees the initiation of a chain of custody for poison cases allowing the project team and stakeholders to bring a possible poison case to court undertaking all the necessary procedural legal actions for the successful outcome of cases and convictions of perpetrators.

After 1.5 year of rigorous training in Greece, Sophie and Dixie, two Border Collies, together with their handlers Andreas C. and Andreas K., have arrived to Cyprus (April 2022) to become the island’s first Anti-poison Dog Units and to begin their patrols in the countryside and respond to poisoning incidents.

Reporting a poisoning incident to the authorities helps save more animals from poisoning, but also helps investigate the incident to identify the perpetrator and bring them to justice. 

If you suspect a poisoning incident that may be one or more dead animals, pieces of meat, an open can of food, eggs etc., please inform the Game and Fauna Service and the local police station immediately. 

The Game and Fauna Service’s Anti-Poison Dog Units can be contacted on these numbers: 99267916 or 99255086.


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